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8 or so bees in my bonnet

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why do something simply and elegantly when you can do it more complicated and uglier? [May. 26th, 2004|10:46 am]
8 or so bees in my bonnet
[music |cinematic orchestra-motion]

james lovelock, the 'godfather of green', has come out in favour of nuclear power. swell.
i suspect he's attempting to be pragmatic in the face of right wing indifference. either that or he's seen a preview of 'the day after tommorrow' (which is nearly as dumb as independence day by most accounts but still has some sound science underpinning it.).

heck james, what's the rush? nothing is going to change until the oil runs out, people wake up, or america actually does freeze over. in which case it's too late. lazy science to say nothing of the security risk

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