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'have you got any kylie minogue?' - 8 or so bees in my bonnet [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
8 or so bees in my bonnet

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'have you got any kylie minogue?' [Aug. 4th, 2005|12:09 pm]
8 or so bees in my bonnet
[music |the new main street singers-the good book song]

me and craig deejayed for the first time in a while at the sugacube in brighton last saturday. we did the chill out room for a couple of hours early on. the crowd seemed to enjoy it and a few people had a bit of a boogie. we should have practiced a bit because our mixing was sketchy to say the least, fortunately we had the choons to make up for it and we managed to drop a few rrf numbers without anyone booing so we were happy campers.

who wants to hear some folk!

...if i'd seen 'a mighty wind' beforehand i definitely would have slipped 'the good book song' in there somewhere...

best film i've seen this year.
i case you didn't know it's made by the same team that made 'spinal tap' only this time the target is 60's folk.

it's genius is that it manages to both satirise and be a loving tribute to the folk music of that time.

from the scarily uptight but drippingly gorgeous harmonies of the new main street singers to the cheestastic but really rather lovely songs of mitch & mickey, the music in the film is all original but the parody is so spot on that it is better than the scene they are poking fun at.

see this film, then buy the soundtrack. you will not be disappointed.

[User Picture]From: cryingbabyjebus
2005-08-04 01:25 pm (UTC)
a mighty wind is absolutely hilarious. Great flick.
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[User Picture]From: paganmaid
2005-08-04 05:32 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed Mighty Wind as well. Harry Shearer was priceless.

Had to explain to Madeleine that yes, he is the guy who did the voice of Principal Skinner on The Simpsons.

Glad the gig went well.

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