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what's going on? - 8 or so bees in my bonnet [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
8 or so bees in my bonnet

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what's going on? [Feb. 24th, 2006|05:21 am]
8 or so bees in my bonnet
[music |simon & garfunknel-7 O'Clock News/Silent Night]

itv4 (of all channels?!) screened 'manufacturing consent' the other night (at 3am mind you).
a bio of noam chomsky. i like the way noam takes a back seat to the ideas.
made in 1992, it is interesting to see activism before the explosion of the www.
it is the blueprint for, and would make an excellent and depressing/invigorating quadruple bill with:

the power of nightmares (watch the entire film online)
why do we fight?
the corporation

essential viewing.