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v for very average - 8 or so bees in my bonnet [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
8 or so bees in my bonnet

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v for very average [Apr. 17th, 2007|09:38 pm]
8 or so bees in my bonnet
[music |groove armada - lovebox]

'a work of monumental genius'
'An amazing feat of cinema'
'truly unique'
'a bloody masterpiece!'


imdb rates this 125th best movie of all time? i don't think so.
its heart is in the right place,
but let's get a couple things straight to start with.

now, as you all know, i'm a big natalie portman fan, but as it says on the rubric
'evey, a working class girl...'
i'm afraid nat's accent is worse than rene zegweller in bridget jones' diary.
even radio 4 would reject her for being too posh.
sack the casting director for starters.

and whilst it is fairly obvious we are sleepwalking towards fascism,
to hold guy fawkes up as a shining beacon of freedom is incorrect
to say the least.

this is a film adapted from a comic
and unfortunatley that's exactly how it ends up.
comic book like. sub-superman at that.
not in it's look but in it's heart.

yeah there's some nice touches, but that makes it even worse for not being completely bad which would be ok if it wasn't trying to be deadly serious,
but it was.

about three quarters of the way through i thought 'aha! john hurt HAS TO BE V
now that makes some kind of sense!' but no it descended into ridiculousness
and in the end i felt it became,

'how one man can stand up to a fascist regime and end up justifying it whilst still remaining totally cool.'

but hey i guess it is called v for vendetta not r for revolution.
maybe it should be called y for why or b for bollocks.

it's sad that in 2007 that this is what passes for revolutionary neo-blockbuster cinema
(i will forgive you if you're under 15)

oh and a tip for future fascist dictatorships: avoid red and black for your backdrops.
it's SO unappealling!

seen alongside brazil, nineteen eighty-four, richard III(1995)
v for vendetta can be forgiven for attempting to update these classics.
it cannot be forgiven for falling way short.

[User Picture]From: romansoldier
2007-04-21 12:34 am (UTC)

Every few years I like to surprise you with a comment...

Yes, I didn't like V either, at all really. If it wanted to be taken as seriuolsy as it presented itself, there's a lot they could have done to be something other than a cartoon.

Amazingly black and white film for a film supposedly attacking those who oppress via absolutes. Mr. Fry's character I found exceedingly complex. Seemed to embrace a hallmark of fundamentalism as his symbol of liberation? These came across as very odd bedfellows.

But mostly it was just over done, hammy performances and predictability. Natalie's accent was comparable what most high school shakespeare productions turn out over here in the States.

I think they wanted Kiera Nightly, but she was busy with Pirates, so they pulled Natalie as a look-a-like (quite the reverse from Episode 1 eh?).

Anywho... It wanted to be what Children of Men is. Have you seen that one? Brilliant, three dimensional, riveting. Yes, that's good movie making right there.

Of course, I may just be really defensive as someone who believes there's still something of value left in the church to be salvaged, if only we could find it.
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