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recrea33's Journal

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8 or so bees in my bonnet
31 January 1968
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i was last time i checked

1.618, 60ft snow angels, a good sneeze, acts of random kindness, advertising, alan turing, albert einstein, amon tobin, amphetamine, andy goldsworthy, anomalous phenomena, artificial intelligence, astrobiology, astrophysics, backgammon, banksy, bbc radio, beck, bill bailey, bill hicks, bjork, breaking computers, bushbabies, campfires, canoeing for beginners, carl sagan, cello players, ceteceans, chamber music, chaos theory, civil disobedience, climbing trees, coincidental b/w movies, cooperatives, crop circles, cymatics, decapitalisation, deep funky house, deja vu, derelict places, dexter's lab, disjointed harmonies, douglas adams, dreaming, dub, ducks, edge of sleep, elegant code, emmeline pankhurst, endorphins, ethical hedonism, exploding dogma, extraterrestrial intelligence, fixing computers, fruit salad, futurama, ghosts, global domination, guerrilla dance parties, guitars, helium, henry's cat, herbalizer, holodeck 3, hydrogen scooters, impulse power, incredible vistas, indoor skydiving, infectious laughter, information, jazz, john pilger, joni mitchell, js bach, kitsch, knowledge, kurt vonnegut, lettuce of coincidence, liberty caps, love bombs, ltj bukem, mahatma gandhi, making music, marijuana, martin luther king, maya angelou, mdma, memory, mighty boosh, mix tapes, monteverdi, my muse, my piano, myst, natural highs, nighttime, orbital, oxytocins, parapsychology, philip k. dick, picnics, pinball, pixies, pj harvey, poems, pomegranates, pragmatic asceticism, pregnant pauses, quantum entanglement, radiohead, rex the runt, road trips, scanning things, schrodinger's cat, sci-fi, scrabble, sea breezes, serendipity, shopdropping, shouting at the tv, skips, slumber, snorkelling, solitude, sorbet, space disco, staying awake, staying in bed, super rocket monkey, surreality, table tennis, talking to myself, tequila slammers, the ocean, the perfect score, the red pill, throwing shapes, thunderstorms, time-travel paradoxes, toast, unbirthdays, uncommon sense, vegetarianism, virtual geography, voices, weightlessness, wicca, william shakespeare, william wilberforce, wisdom

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